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Discover Why Our Early Learning Center Stands Out for Your Child's Education

Tree House Academy aligns with Frog Street's principles for early childhood learning, beginning as early as 6 weeks, and continuing through five years. Our partnership with Frog Street centers on its exclusive dedication to early childhood development, shaping our weekly lessons. We are dedicated to maintaining a high-quality educational experience through ongoing assessments, training, and resource implementation. Furthermore, we integrate the Conscious Discipline® model, emphasizing social-emotional intelligence for a successful early education and the development of essential life skills. Respect for others.

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Early Education for Every Young Learner

Tree House Academy's comprehensive early education programs are meticulously designed to cater to the developmental needs and growth trajectories of young learners from infancy through pre-kindergarten. Ideal for families seeking a robust foundation in early childhood development, our programs are perfect for:

For the youngest learners, our nurturing environment supports the crucial early stages of cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

Active, curious toddlers engage in exploratory play and foundational learning activities that foster independence and social skills.

 Preschool-aged children benefit from our enriched curriculum that lays the groundwork for academic skills, creativity, and social-emotional intelligence

Designed to prepare children for the transition to kindergarten, our Pre-K program focuses on literacy, numeracy, and essential life skills.

Exceptional Early Learning For Infants to Pre-K

Early Care Programs Designed for Every Child

Tree House Academy’s infant program is designed to provide a caring and age-appropriate learning experience for babies from 6 weeks to 18 months. The curriculum, based on research, focuses on important aspects of infant development like exploring the senses, developing motor skills, and forming secure attachments.

Activities in the curriculum support infants’ cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Using evidence-based practices from early childhood education experts ensures a well-rounded approach to the well-being and early learning of infants.

The curriculum includes interactive play, language exposure, and activities to encourage the development of motor skills. Creating strong relationships between caregivers and infants is a priority, recognizing the crucial role of responsive caregiving in the early stages of life.

Regular assessments, guided by research insights, monitor developmental milestones and customize the curriculum to meet each infant’s unique needs. With the integration of expert knowledge and best practices, Tree House Academy aims to provide a safe, enjoyable, and enriching environment for their youngest learners.

The Toddler curriculum at Tree House Academy, crafted with expert input, is for children aged 18 months- two years. It’s based on research, aiming to create a fun and supportive environment for toddlers to grow.

Our activities are made for their age, helping with language, motor skills, identifying emotions, and thinking. Using our knowledge in early childhood education, we use proven methods to make learning thorough and fun.

These activities involve hands-on learning, exploring through the senses, introducing literacy and language skills through story time, and encouraging social skills through group play. Our goal is to give toddlers a curriculum that helps them be independent and curious while building foundational relationships with caregivers and friends.

By performing bi-annual developmental assessments, we are able to
check in on each individual child’s growth, adjusting the curriculum to fit their needs. Tree House Academy is committed to giving top-notch early childhood education, using educational insights to create a personalized and enriching experience for the toddlers in their care.

The program for three year-olds at Tree House Academy is created to give an exciting and enriching learning experience at this important stage. Guided by research principles, it focuses on helping three year-olds grow in social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills.

The activities in our curriculum are perfectly suited for their age, aiding in language development, introducing early math concepts, sparking creativity, and fostering social interactions. With the expertise from Frog Street, we employ proven methods for an enjoyable and all-encompassing learning approach.

We incorporate hands-on activities , learning through imaginative play, and chances for self-expression. Our main goal is to create a setting that fosters the increasing independence and curiosity of three-year-olds while building a strong foundation for future success in school.

We consistently assess each child’s progress based on research insights and adapt the lessons accordingly. The curriculum for three-year-olds, emphasizing high-quality early childhood education, aims to deliver an appropriate and enriching educational experience for the children.

The Pre-K curriculum at Tree House Academy, designed for 4-5-year-olds, lays a solid foundation for kindergarten. Informed by research, it emphasizes comprehensive development, encompassing social, emotional, cognitive, and academic skills.

We engage in age-appropriate activities such as science, language, math, creativity, and social interactions. Using our knowledge, we apply tried-and-true methods to get Pre-K learners ready for future milestones.

We provide hands-on activities, interactive learning, and problem-solving to establish a fun environment for Pre-K children. Our objective is to ensure they enjoy learning and are well-prepared for future academic challenges.

Tree House Academy constantly evaluates children’s development through Frog Street’s research, adjusting lessons accordingly. Through the fusion of Frog Street’s concepts with Tree House Academy’s commitment, the Pre-K curriculum strives to offer children a distinctive and enjoyable learning experience.

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Whether you’re a new parent seeking a trusted early learning environment for your infant or a seasoned caregiver looking for a preschool that emphasizes both academic and emotional intelligence, Our child care facility offers a welcoming, supportive community for your child to thrive. Our commitment to the Frog Street curriculum and Conscious Discipline® ensures a well-rounded approach to early childhood education, making our programs the ideal choice for fostering the growth and development of young minds.

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