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Tips to take care of your little ones and help them stay healthy this winter.

Winter, the season that brings with it cheer and joy, also provides families with loads of time to enjoy each other and make memories. Whether it is going outside to build a snowman, sledding or plain romping with the kids in the snow, there are a plethora of ways to celebrate with your little ones during this special time.

With winter comes the irresistible allure of snow that when freshly fallen is something that is heralded by all types of cold-weather activities that young kids absolutely love. Whether winter in your city brings with it severe storms, some light dustings of snow or just frigid temperatures, you need to be amply prepared for it.

But unfortunately, winter is also that time of the year when viruses that lead to flu and colds usually are the most rampant. Listed below are some key winter tips to keep your children healthy, safe and not to forget comfortably warm!

Little Children Enjoying Snowfall and Playing in the Snow

Adjust your children’s clothing for the season

The excitement of your little munchkins at the sight of snow, or the pure joy of going out in the cold, makes them often tend to rush out without properly bundling up. This could lead to some serious trouble, and even frost-bite in some very rare cases. It is always important to double check that your child is dressed warm and in suitable layers. The most important rule is for them to remember to keep their hands, feet and ears, totally covered at all times. You could make this into a fun checking game to ensure they do it religiously. Remember boots, warm gloves, and a hat, can make a huge difference in keeping young children and babies comfortable.

Ask them to go out to play

Although this sounds like it would be the last thing you would want to do, keeping your children indoors will lead to them not getting enough sunlight, which in turn could actually have them feeling down and sad. Try getting your child to play outside for at least fifteen minutes a day to make sure they beat the winter blues.

Make sure your children are hydrated through the day

Contrary to proper belief, getting your children the proper amount of hydration is as important in winter, as it is during the warmer months. When your child is dehydrated, the immunity levels are known to drop considerably, so making sure your child is getting enough fluids can significantly lower their chances of contracting a cold or the flu.

Speak to them about safety and being prepared

Although sleet and snow looks magical and something right out of a greeting card, it does make losing your balance and falling that much easier. Make sure your children are adequately protected when heading out for any type of activity in the cold, by ensuring they have helmets, knee-pads and/or other types of safety gear in place.

Make sure they’re eating healthy

Your child may tend to eat a little lesser with the weather around, or end up snacking while at home during the winter holidays. Make sure they have a structured and balanced diet to keep their immunity strong enough to ward off any type of virus. You could also add carrot sticks, granola bars and fresh fruit which are rich in antioxidants to their arsenal of snacks to help guarantee they’re getting the right amount of nutrients.

Keep their skin moisturized

Just like their little bodies need the right amount of water, their skin requires plenty of moisturization during the winter. It is important to ensure that your child’s skin is prepared for the cold by moisturizing both their hands and feet, at least once a day.

Enjoy the weather with your kids

While it is easy to get caught up in all of the ways to protect your children against the cold, make sure that you, this beautiful season do enough justice by going out there and having some good old winter fun! The key is to cherish your moments in the cold and the snow, whilst staying safe & warm at the same time.