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Summer Safety Tips for Children

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Summer time – the joy of lazing around in your backyard while the sun is out, longer days and ice-cold lemonade. There is just something about summer that brings out that extra kick in your step, fueled by no more early morning routines and the sheer joy of sleeping in. There’s something in the air, and definitely something about this season that makes kids and toddlers have way more fun than usual. And just like how us parents do the buckling into car seats, ensuring their diet is right – there are many ways to prepare your kids for this season right. Listed below are a couple of items that you and your partner could do to make summer time safer and fun for your children guaranteeing the best possible experience for your family as a whole:


Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

Like the triple emphasis wasn’t enough, kids and toddlers given the opportunity would love to play at all times of the day, thereby making that extra layer of protection for their skin in this season imperative to their well-being. Slather on that sunscreen liberally, and if you have cranky toddlers, the best way to get them to put some on is to make a game out of it. Apply as early as you can, and keep repeating every couple of hours. Make sure to use a product with an SPF value of at least 15 or more. You could also try protecting them from harmful UV rays by dressing them in colorful hats. Did you know that The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states sunscreen may be used on infants younger than 6 months on small areas of skin if adequate clothing and shade are not available at all times.

Keep an eye out for those bugs

Sadly, all the nasty critters that literally annoy us are most active during this season. Summer nights especially require protection so make sure you have enough baby-safe bug spray with you at all times. Apply liberally on items of clothing as well as exposed areas of the skin to save your little one from those harmful bites.

You could also try some of those highly recommended insect protection pads that are available in the market. In the event that your little one has broken out into a rash that you don’t recognize, make it a point consult your pediatrician to rule out the possibility of a lethal bite or an allergic reaction.

Hydrate all the Time

You would be really surprised to learn that kids between the ages of 2-8 are supposed to drink a minimum of at least 12 ounces of fluid a good 30 minutes before the start of any activity to avoid dehydration. Your child’s each gulp equals about a half-ounce of liquids, so the best way to make sure they’re adequately hydrated is to count at least 10 gulps before they head out, and making sure they get enough water breaks during play time.

Just like you are worried about your child’s physical well-being and are always looking at ways to ensure their complete health, caring for your child’s emotional well-being is an important task also, and the way we can ensure that is by making sure they are in excellent hands at all times. At Tree House Academy, we develop, evaluate and surround your child with programs that foster their social and intellectual growth. While nurturing your child’s cognitive capacity for critical thinking, we also strive to strengthen his/her commitment to values such as kindness, apathy and respect for others.