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At Tree House Academy we develop, evaluate and implement programs that foster children’s social and intellectual development. While nurturing a child’s capacity to think skillfully and critically we strive to strengthen his/her commitment to values such as, kindness, helpfulness and respect for others.

Ages 6 weeks through 12 years old
Full-time; Part-time; Drop -ins accepted; & VPK
Transportation to/from elementary schools on the island

Additional Details:
State approved curriculum, Beyond Centers and Circle Time, as well as a Character Building, faith-based component, Early Learning Bible Stories.

Directions:  Sadler Road to Red light at Citrona/Will Hardee Road.  Turn in the direction of Will Hardee Road.  Tree House Academy is located on the left, 2120 Will Hardee Road.  Across the street from Amelia Green Condominiums, and just before the entrance to the Lakewood subdivision.

Phone: 904-432-7078
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Email: thafernbeach@yahoo.com
Address: 2120 Will Hardee Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
Hours: 6:00am – 6:30pm M-F

The Frog Street Press curriculum is used in our 18 month classrooms through out Pre-Kindergarten. It is a research-based program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. The cornerstones of the program are an extensive integration of theme, disciplines and domains; Social and emotional Development through Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline methods; Differentiated instruction; Equity of English and Spanish materials and instruction; and a joyful approach to learning.  Our curriculum is all taught through a variety of teacher and child directed activities that range from hands on experiences to one on one learning with teachers. At each center we also incorporate a faith-based character building lesson.  On each location page you can view details of the specific curriculum they use at their facility.


Additionally, we also use the following curriculum in all of our classrooms:


beyond centers and circle time

The Beyond Centers and Circle Time © curriculum theme series is written in an effort to offer support to educators and parents who wish to maintain a balance between supporting their child’s acquisition of skills and knowledge that will prepare him for later school success and the joys and delights of experiencing a playful childhood.

From the Publisher’s website:

The research and theory that has guided The BCCT curriculum, used at the Creative Pre‐School for over 35 years, provides children with emergent literacy experiences within well planned and implemented play opportunities that use cooking, dramatic play, fluid and structured construction, and fine and gross motor opportunities to meet the individual and cultural needs of each child while providing him opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in all domains.

This curriculum contains experiences that will support the development of the whole child through topics that young children find interesting. Adults using these themes must be sure that the children have knowledge of the content being discussed and provide field trips, visitors, books, pictures, and other materials that will give meaning to the topics. The theme topics are purposely broad and can be easily extended to last a full month. Children need time to develop knowledge and play skills.

When young children are provided opportunities to learn in safe, loving, exciting environments they will develop the ability to persist at tasks, as well as an eagerness and curiosity about their world.  Research shows that children’s success is based on how they approach learning situations. Children who are resilient, who keep trying and who are confident in their own abilities will be successful.


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