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New Partnership with pb&jTV for online viewing!

It’s true! We’ve established a new partnership this fall!  Here’s some details from pb&jTV — 

pb&jTV is an interactive and comprehensive childcare webcasting program that empowers preschools and captivates families everywhere! Stay in touch with your loved one via the foremost technologically advanced webcasting company in America. With our exclusive content delivery methods and state-of-the-art Cognitive Video Compression technology, we are able to provide you with a viewing experience that is beyond imagination!

How do you get started!  Once you are enrolled, parents follow these steps!

1. Go to

2. Click “Register” and complete the information required for authorization.

3. Your account will be processed and activated once your information has been verified by your school’s administration.

4. Enjoy your viewing segments! Depending on your school, your family should have multiple login opportunities throughout the day to check in on your kiddos!

Need any assistance?

pb&jTV strives to deliver the finest possible webcasting experience available. If there ever is a need for help with account management or viewing assistance — contact trained technicians between Monday – Friday 8am-5pm CST.



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What does a child care center owner look like?

Great question.  So glad you asked.

Let me introduce Monica Medford & her family.

She is first a wife and mother — then of course a Child Care Extraordinaire.

Monica Medford has been in childcare for over 15 years.  She has served as a Child Care Center Director for several Texas brands but then became an owner of Tree Academy in 2005.  In just 7 years, Tree House as a brand now has grown into operating 10 schools in 6 different states.  She is passionate about coaching Directors and inspiring others to keep what’s best for the children and families at the forefront.  This past year, she served as the 2012 President for Texas Licensed Child Care Association (TLCCA).  And now is the current president-elect for 2013.  Outside of work she enjoys being with her family and going to the beach. Now that all of her children have flown from the nest, she currently resides in Burleson, TX with just her husband and two dogs.